The Acadia – 5pc Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set

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Give your outdoor living space the appeal of simple elegance with The Acadia Five Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set. This set is an intimate, comfortable patio set designed to give your family a stylish, chic place to relax outside of the home when a smaller, yet totally functional, set is needed. The set is also perfect for a second conversational area on a larger patio

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The Acadia Five Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set starts off with a love seat sofa that has a two-over-two cushion design with throw pillows to rest against the arms, enhancing your comfort. There are also two sunken armchairs that envelop you in comfort from the back cushions to the seat cushions, all of which are 5 inches thick to provide ample support. Able to be placed in the center for leg support is the matching ottoman.

Each cushion in the set is built to withstand anything you throw at it, including red wine, muddy feet, sun damage, and moisture while also being resistant to tearing, thanks to the Sunbrella® upholstery. You can get the cushions upholstered in a rich Navy Blue, Oyster or Granite to suit the look of your existing outdoor space.

All of the pieces in the set are upheld using the thick aluminum frame that is hidden behind the stylish and decorative rattan material on the exterior. The Acadia Five Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set comes ready to place on your patio as soon as you receive it since it is readily assembled with no assembly needed on your part. Fabric is covered under Sunbrella® 5 years warranty and the rest of the furniture also comes with 5 years warranty.

Pieces & Dimensions

Name Height Depth Length No. Pieces
Corner Sofa 26″ (32″ w/ back cushion) 33″ 33″ 2
Club Chair 26″ (32″ w/ back cushion) 33″ 33″ 2
Ottoman 12″ (17″ w/ cushion) 29″ 29″ 1
Seat Cushion 5″ Thick 5
Back Cushion 8″ (Center) Thick 6


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