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The Self-Esteem Game was developed by a clinical psychologist to assist parents, teachers, and therapists in teaching the principals of healthy self-esteem. However The Self-Esteem Game is really too good of a tool for use in just therapy and counseling situations. Every child ought to be exposed to a game that teaches him or her how to feel good about who they are as an individual.

The game content deals with some of the most important and common self-esteem issues for children. In addition, many cards focus on being responsible for one’s own behavior and accepting the consequences of one’s actions.

The object of the Self-Esteem Game is to be the first player to go all the way from Mopesville to Self-Esteem City. Everybody starts their journey under a cloud in Mopesville and makes their way toward feeling GOOD, GOOD, GOOD about themselves! Players, receive positive affirmations and learn to cope with problems along the way.

Uplifting and designed to encourage positive self-realization, players must often stand up and loudly state that they are proud of themselves and then tell the other players why. By acknowledging and publicly stating their individual strengths to others, players feel empowered. Whether or not a player is first to finish, they’ll get a lot out of playing The Game Where Everybody’s a Winner

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