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Returns & Cancellation

A buyer can cancel an order at any time, including at pickup or delivery, so long as the buyer, or agent of the buyer, does not take possession of the furniture. To cancel an order, please email us at contactgodolly@gmail.com.

Once a piece of furniture leaves the sellers’ property pickup or signed for at delivery, the sale is considered final. This is why we recommend you thoroughly inspect an item’s listing and ask questions that may not be answered or visible in the listing before arranging for pickup or delivery. At pickup or delivery, do another inspection to make sure the furniture is exactly what you had hoped it would be. Your seller may be willing to reconsider and return your furniture, but that is at the sole discretion of the seller.

**Delivery is agreed upon by both buyer and seller. While buyer pays delivery fees, if a delivery is rejected for an inaccurate description of condition and is not as-described, seller is responsible for return delivery fees. If delivery is rejected for any other reason, the buyer is responsible for return shipping.


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