About GoDolly

We realize that many people enjoy the convenience of shopping online, including when browsing for gently used items. The problem we found is that most consumers would prefer the standard experience of shopping online: your purchase showing up at your doorstep.

Traditionally, buying used items means contacting a stranger, driving to their home, and browsing the item in their home. Or, you browse and buy used items online, but then having to deal with third-parties to get your stuff, sometimes taking months for delivery to be made. For online second hand buyers and sellers, moving certain items and money are always the rough spots and most important parts of a purchase. Limited payment options, fees for listing and selling , commission taken off a sales price, all get in the way of your experience. GoDolly does it better.

GoDolly, an online marketplace to buy and sell second-hand stuff, offers the ease of browsing, selling and buying your stuff online with convenient pick-up / carry-out and delivery services all ready to go when you are. You sell or shop for it, and Godolly hops to it, picking up your purchases so you don’t have to, wherever they may be, and bringing them to your door, with all the care that our teams of professional movers have used for years.

Money is easier with GoDolly, too.

Listing is always free on GoDolly – No hidden fees, no fine print. We never take a commission. GoDolly only makes money on what we do best, hopping across town, picking up and dropping off cool finds, and making our users happy.

The GoDolly second hand furniture delivery team is comprised of experienced movers and fellow furniture aficionados. We have over ten years of experience of furniture handling, moving, and delivering, and through GoDolly we offer our experience and services to you.

Your stuff is safe with us. All our team members are highly trained and experienced movers, and while we don’t anticipate anything going wrong with delivery, our team and your goods are insured, and our customer service will make sure you are taken care of.


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