4 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Used iPhone

With the release of the new iPhone 11, everyone is looking to upgrade their handheld device. However, with the most basic version of the iPhone 11 starting at $699, it makes sense to want to save some money and purchase a used, more dated version of the iPhone. Therefore, here are four things to look for when purchasing a used iPhone!

1. The Condition of The Phone

The condition of the phone is easily the first thing people look for when purchasing a used phone. If you are looking to upgrade from your current device, you definitely do not want to purchase a phone with cosmetic damage. Check to make sure you are aware of all the scratches, cracks, and dings the screen, edges, and the back of the phone has before committing to purchasing the device. Most listings will have images of the device posted, but some people will use a simple stock image of the iPhone they are selling. You cannot assume that the phone is in pristine condition; contact the seller and make sure you are aware of all cosmetic damages.

2. Make Sure you Get the Right Phone for your Phone Carrier

If someone bought an iPhone from a phone carrier, like Sprint, chances are that the phone is locked. This means that the iPhone will only work with one carrier’s sim cards. Therefore, when purchasing a used iPhone, make sure that the phone works with your carrier, or check to see if the phone is unlocked. If the phone is unlocked, that means it will work with any carrier that you have.

Unlocking a phone that is tied to a specific carrier is legal, but it definitely is a hassle. Every phone carrier has a different policy when it comes to unlocking phones. For more information on how to unlock a phone, click here.

3. Make Sure The iPhone Is Not Stolen

Apple stops stolen iPhones from being activated by a new user. They put in an “Activation Lock” tool, which makes it impossible to use a stolen phone. You will not be able to know for sure if the phone is stolen until you have it, but there are ways to check. Contact the seller and ask for the IMEI, a 15-digit number that acts as the specific iPhone’s serial number. Then go on the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker and punch in the IMEI to ensure the phone is not stolen. If the phone was reported as lost or stolen, this website will tell you. Once you ensure the phone was not stolen, it is safe to make the purchase.

4. Make Sure you Are Getting the Right Storage Size

Before committing to your next device, make sure you get one that has enough storage to hold all your data. Many people make the mistake of buying a 32 GB iPhone just to have to upgrade because the phone cannot hold all their photos, music, notes, and applications. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an iPhone that has the same amount of storage as your current device, or purchase one with more storage. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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