Where can I sell my really high-end designer furniture?

The most important thing, when it comes to home décor, is choosing the right furniture that keeps aesthetics and comfort balanced. At some point of time, it is definite that you may want to replace your favourite designer sofa or chair, unless you intend to keep it for remembrance sake. If you have decided to part with your designer chair, why not make some money during the resale process?


GoDolly allows you to buy and sell gently used items ranging from electronics and auto parts to apparels and furniture. There are a few things to keep in mind while listing a high-end designer furniture.

1) Determine its Value
It is important that you earn a genuine price for the furniture you put out for sale. To start with, look up a few similar listings on GoDolly for an approximate pricing or you may even consult one of our professionals to help you determine the value of your used furniture. Furniture less than a year can sometimes sell for 65% of its original price.

2) Include as Much Information as Possible
When people look for designer furniture items, they look for authentic products that do not have too many flaws. Make sure, you put up the best pictures of the furniture taken from every angle possible. Prepare a detailed description of the product, avoid fancy words and do not forget to mention the brand because when it comes to designer items, people prefer buying branded products. The key is to keep it simple and very clear!

3) Test the Furniture One Last Time Before Listing
GoDolly accepts gently used items and the furniture put up for sale must be in perfect condition. Slight scratches are not a big deal but broken arms and table legs are not acceptable. So, make sure you check the product thoroughly and repair major issues before putting it up for resale.

Here’s a quick look into GoDolly’s Resales process for your understanding;

Post Your Furniture

Upload a good picture of the furniture along with a unique description that is comprehensive yet simple to understand.

After Being Sold
Once a Buyer shows his willingness to buy your product, he will connect with you to decide upon the product’s delivery time that works well for both of you.

Setting Up Delivery
If the buyer opts for pickup, you will have to unanimously decide upon the place and time of pickup. If the buyer requests for delivery, GoDolly professionals would take care of it from there.

Getting Paid
You may receive an online payment if the buyer completes the transaction process during checkout. If the buyer selects pickup, you can accept the payment mode that is most convenient to you.

How do I sell used office chairs?

You may have numerous reasons to sell off your used office chairs, desks and cubicles. Probably you are transferring your business to a new workspace and carrying all the furniture with you is just not possible! Perhaps, you are tired listening to Employees complaining about broken chairs! Whatever the reason be, you can always sell them off in a quick and hassle-free manner with GoDolly.

sell used chairs

Once your used product gets listed on the site, you will have customers calling you up with payment queries. Listing and resale of used items on GoDolly is explained in the following few steps.

Post Your Used Office Chair
You just need to post a clearly taken picture of the used office chair and upload it to the site. Write a comprehensive description of the product for better clarity. Once you submit, the listing goes live immediately. You can always make changes to the listing if needed.

Once a buyer finds your item and pays for it, he will reach out to you in order to work out a time for pickup or delivery.

Scheduling Delivery
When your buyer opts for delivery, GoDolly takes it from there. You save time as well as money, which would otherwise have been spent on delivering the product at your expense.

Receive Payment
If a buyer chooses to have the used product delivered at his doorstep, then you will receive payment through credit online. If he chooses to pickup the used chair himself, then you can discuss the mode of payment that works for you best.

In order to get the best return on your used office furniture, follow these 3 tips listed below
1) Clean
Make sure the chair you intend to sell is clean and void of cobwebs and dust. Coffee stains, scattered crumbs, and chocolate wrappers tucked under cushions are just few things you need to look out for. Take the time to dust the chairs and wipe them clean prior to selling them.

2) Repair
No one would like to buy a chair with broken legs. Make sure to list a product that is not damaged. If there are some loose ends, tighten them up or reattach parts that have snapped out.

3) Determine Its Value
While deciding upon its resale value, consider a few import points like what was its price when you bought it, how long have you been using it, what is its present condition, etc… Once you have these questions answered, you will have a clear idea on the resale price to ask for when you list the product on the site.