How do I Sell Used AC Units?

Branded air conditioners work well for at least 15 years but even the best ACs need to be replaced some time or the other. The first very important point to remember about air conditioners is that, you must never throw an AC just-like-that; besides being illegal, disposing ACs carelessly imposes great danger to the environment.

If your AC unit is broken and seems irreparable, then you should consider recycling it instead of selling. Ensure to remove the refrigerant with a professional’s help prior to sending it away to a scrap yard or a recycling center.
If you are looking for ways to give away your used AC, which is still in very good condition, and just want to make some money out it, then listing it into a trustworthy online store like GoDolly would be the right thing to do. Here are a few important points to remember while listing your AC unit online;

Selling Used AC Unit on GoDolly

Take good photos

The more the better. Shoppers like to see your items from every angle.
Make the first photo your best. It will be placed towards the front and center of your listing.

Post Your Pieces
Post your gently used or new piece on GoDolly for free. The process is quick and easy, and your post goes live as soon as you post it, immediately viewable by buyers. Don’t worry, you can still make changes to your listing once it’s posted.

Once a buyer finds your item. they’ll add it to their cart and checkout. Afterwards, the buyer will reach out, so you can work out a time for pickup or delivery.

Scheduling Delivery
When your buyer opts for delivery, GoDolly takes it from there, and takes the uncertainty out of selling bulky items online. No more no-shows or multiple shoppers entering your home. Instead, we will schedule the best time for our trained and experienced team to handle the logistics.

Get Paid!
Your buyer will either pay online at checkout, or in-person at delivery or pickup. If delivery is selected, a customer may pay with a credit card or cashier’s check. and if pickup is selected, you can accept whichever forms of payment you’d like.